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The Consumer Health Information Providers Interest Group (CHIPIG) is a voluntary association of persons, who share an interest in the provision of health information to the general public.

CHIPIG is an official interest group of the Canadian Health Libraries Association, Canada's professional organization for health librarians.


Twenty years! 

In 1998 a group of individuals in the Greater Toronto Area working in consumer health information (CHI) formed a network of consumer health information providers to respond to the rising need for wellness centres both within hospital and community settings. In 2000 the group formally structured itself as the Consumer Health Information Providers Interest Group (CHIPIG) and included others working in CHI across the country.

CHIPIG actively met both in person and virtually to share resources, ideas to improve our communities through the education and empowerment of all individuals in Canadian society seeking health information for themselves and those they care for. This included benchmarking with other organizations, networking through listservs, examining best practices in CHI, and sharing evaluation tools and marketing strategies.  Posters highlighting the activities of CHIPIG members were presented  at several Canadian Health Libraries Association (CHLA) conferences, and in 2001, a special CHI conference was held in Toronto.

When CHIPIG and its predecessor group began in the 1990's, consumer health information was a hot topic and many health organizations set up centres in hospitals, voluntary health organizations and even a virtual resource - the Canadian Health Network (CHN).   Since that time, the amount and variety of information sources for consumers and its availability 24/7 has dramatically changed the role of those working in the area of CHI.  

Last spring, the CHIPIG Executive sent a survey to our members asking them about their engagement and need for CHIPIG.  Based on the results, there did not seem to be a reason for CHIPIG to continue and the decision was made to dissolve the group.  

We especially thank Canadian Health Libraries Association for its support, and thank all of you for your involvement in this important initiative.  Best of luck in your future endeavours!



Canadians have access to reliable health information to make informed decisions that will positively impact their health.

Mission Statement

CHIPIG enables health information providers in hospitals, public libraries, and other organizations across Canada to improve the health of our communities through the education and empowerment of consumers by:

  • Co-ordinating a national network of health information providers for professional development, communication, knowledge sharing, and strengthening of the profession
  • Identifying, evaluating, and promoting reliable health information
  • Advocating and educating on topics that impact health information services such as health literacy and patient education

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